About me

I’m a web designer & developer living in Saint Louis, Missouri. I got hooked on internet technology in 1994, when most people had Aol dial-up and Hotmail. After studying fine arts and design, I turned my attention to the glowing box, and geocities.

Thankfully, none of that work survives today. I began doing HTML/CSS for a living in 2006, and have extensive work history in the corporate sector, as well as occasional freelance clients.

Currently I’m integrating some new skillsets. Check back occasionally for demo projects, tutorials, and client work. I’m an avid supporter of, and participant in the arts. I draw, paint, do digital art, play multiple instruments, and occasionally write. That writing will pop up here from time to time, too.

Need something? See my services page, and drop me a line. Even a friendly ‘hi neighbor’ is appreciated now and then.

Keep on!

February 27, 2012 • 9:27 pm